I support and endorse the Tiger time campaign to save the last 3,200 wild tigers on earth – TigerTime. In total, more than 60,000 people are now supporting in some way.

On Tuesday 13th March 2012 I attended a reception in the House of Lords, London. At the reception David Shepherd CBE, international wildlife artist and the man behind TigerTime gave a brief update on our progress. He was joined by Joanna Lumley OBE.

TigerTime is the highly successful campaign launched in May 2011 by wildlife artist and conservationist David Shepherd CBE and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) to save the tiger in the wild. Through the extensive use of the internet and social networking, it has reached people all around the world and has attracted many celebrities who are now actively supporting the campaign, including Joanna Lumley OBE, Ricky Gervais, Samantha Fox, Stephen Fry etc.

About the tiger

In the last century, the world has lost three of the eight tiger subspecies; the Balinese, Caspian and Javan tigers. The South China tiger is facing the same fate.

At the turn of the 20th Century there were over 40,000 tigers in India. Today, there are estimated to be 1,700 tigers left in India. With only 3,200 in the whole world.

The tiger has lost 93% of its historic range – 41% in the last decade.

Every year authorities seize the parts of 100 tigers – the true number of tigers being slaughtered for illegal markets can only be guessed at.

There are estimated to be 60,000 tigers being held in captivity, in ‘tiger farms’ masquerading as wildlife parks.

What your support will enable TigerTime to do:

  • Fund more anti-poaching patrols on the ground
  • Help to fund the activities of our conservation partners
  • Educate people to stop using tiger parts in medicine, trinkets and food
  • Use the power of our combined voices to pressure governments at home and overseas
  • Increase the number of tigers in the wild

The following website addresses are being used to encourage people to sign up to TigerTime and donate:


For more Information: call the TigerTime Campaign team (Vicky, Chantelle or Jill) on 01483 272323.

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